Bad Knight

New York Born Wannabe with... Issues


Bad Knight
“Secret” Identity: Bradley Harmon Knight
Age: 16
Source of Powers: Mutant


Brad Knight was born and grew up in mid-town Manhattan, son of a high-powered corprorate attorney and an innocuous house stager. Samantha Knight, of the law firm of Koenig, Stewart, and Knight, witnessed her child fall from a third-story window when he was eight. Little Bradley screamed and cried for hours while he was rushed to the emergency room and given a thorough examination. Despite all their work, the doctors informed Mrs. Knight that they could find no injuries on her son, not so much as a bruise. Furious, believing that the doctors were incompetent, and vowing to sue, Samantha took Bradley to another hospital- actually, several other hospitals to get second (and third, fourth, etc.) opinions. Every time, it was the same story, the kid didn’t have a scratch on him. Eventually, Mrs. Knight insisted that Bradley be put in a full-body cast and stay in bed for at least two months.
Since then, Samantha has been extremely protective of Bradley. Not out of concern that he would be injured, obviously, but because he might get into a situation in which he should be injured and would blatantly and in front of her colleagues and clients NOT be. He was not allowed to go out for school sports and it took an awful lot of convincing for him to even be allowed to learn to drive.

Brad has always looked up to superhero types. He wasn’t sure how effective he would be, not having any particular skill in offence, but in the defense category he was pretty set. The Summer before he went into the 11th grade, Brad thought up a costume and name for himself. He got a black and blue bodysuit, a pair of combat boots, leather gloves, and a black facemask. Thus, Bad Knight was born.

Bad Knight

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